Crest sent me a postcard – With No Offer. Did P&G make a mistake?

I cleaned out a corner of my office this week. Sitting there was a pile of B-Priorities in a neat stack that was starting to ferment, so I finally tackled it.

Out of the stack came some examples of interesting marketing pieces I had been keeping because they had struck me as odd. For each one, I had to figure out what motivated me to keep it. Then I had to decide whether this was still worth a blog post!

Not all of them passed muster, but one in particular stuck out like a sore thumb: A postcard mailer I received from the good brand managers at Crest Toothpaste about a new Optic White 360 product set. The issue: It had no offer on it.

Marketing heresy! Why would a P&G marketing pro invest in a direct mailer that had no offer? To compound the mystery, “Try Now” is set off in a shock of yellow in one corner on the front. This led me to seek the offer: What are you giving me to induce trial, Mr. Crest Brand Manager? Nothing. Deepening the mystery is the fact that you can go straight to Crest for coupons, so why not include one here?

I get the feeling this card lost something in transit; perhaps it came with a sample that was lost or lifted. I could not spot anything like a torn corner or empty staple holes to support that theory, however. Nor did it come in an empty plastic wrapper.

I still haven’t figured it out. If you can lend me some insight, let me know! If P&G is breaking such an ironclad rule of Marketing, there must be a rationale for it. Nothing goes out the door from them without deep scrutiny!

Crest Mailer Frong

Here is the front of the card – Listing lots of benefits but no offer

Crest Mailer Back

And here is the back – Still no offer!

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