Orbit Nails the Point-of-Sale Trial Offer with a Coffee Sleeve

The product managers running the Orbit chewing gum brand got my attention this week at my favorite coffee shop with their brilliant point-of-sale campaign.

Orbit Coffee Sleeve Front

The front of this excellent POS creative solution

The execution (see photo) was perfect:

  • Give me a free piece of gum to try
  • Position it on a coffee sleeve so that I cannot miss it.
  • Remind me that I have a problem (coffee breath) that I will soon need to fix if I want to circulate in polite society!

Here is why I am impressed:

  • It met the classic marketing messaging need to “make ’em sick, then make ’em better”. I may not realize that coffee stays on the breath, and they reminded me that I could pose a risk to those with whom I may be speaking shortly. Then they provided the instant solution, for free.
  • It gave me an immediate benefit, which led me to feel favorably disposed to Orbit when next confronted with a rack of gum from which to choose.
  • It’s uniqueness was “breakthrough”: The gum-on-coffee-sleeve delivery was memorable. I am probably the only
    Orbit Coffee Sleeve Back

    The back of this brilliant coffee sleeve

    person who actually took a photo of the creative, because I blog about marketing and need material. But the regular consumer will still take away a positive impression of the Orbit brand because of the creativity with which they delivered their benefit message.

  • Finally, they structured a campaign that the coffee shop would be happy to support: They get to hand out free gum with little investment on their part, and look good to their customers. The memorable event rubs off on the retailer, too.

Great stuff! Well done. How can you apply this idea to your own marketing?

  • Where are your prospects congregating?
  • What sort of product do they buy on which you could piggyback your own trial offer?
  • How can you make it valuable to your partner, your distribution channel and the consumer?

I would love to hear from an Orbit brand manager whether my own positive reaction was typical, but I would be surprised if they didn’t find the campaign a success!


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